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Dr. Hansen was very patient with me and my questions and spent a lot of time telling me exactly what my implant surgery would entail. He explained the risks and made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure. His office checked in on me after a couple of days to make sure I was healing okay. I’ve had to have a lot of different oral surgeries in the past and he is by far the best oral surgeon out there. I would recommend him to everyone! Great doctor and very personable! – Kyle H.

I loved the staff and Dr. Preston Hansen. This is an amazing firm with the expertise where it belongs. I had a wisdom tooth extracted from a very reliable dentist but was having severe pain and problems with my jaw movement. Dr. Hansen was referred for a second opinion and he took me immediately. He allayed my fears, was very professional, very personable and extremely gentle. I would recommend him 150% to anyone. His facility was clean, state of the art and such a great environment to be as a patient. I am not able to write enough great compliments to this team and firm. I was so impressed, and Dr. Hansen deserves a platinum star. – Janie G.

While I can’t say that having my wisdom teeth taken out was an enjoyable experience, I can say that Dr. Hansen and his staff were extremely kind and helpful. They helped me calm down before surgery and took great care of me in the week following. It says a lot about a doctor when they will take the initiative to call you and check on you through your recovery. I would absolutely recommend identity oral surgery to my friends and family! Thank you, Dr. Hansen!! – Katie M.

Dr. Hansen and the dental technicians who performed my wisdom tooth removal were so kind, patient, and welcoming. They worked to accommodate my schedule, explained the procedure thoroughly, and personally called to check in during my recovery. I feel so grateful to have been treated by such a caring team! – Hannah E.

Great experience overall. Had all four wisdom teeth taken out and recovery was smooth and relatively quick. The teeth were impacted, and the surgery was a bit complicated, but they were able to get them removed with minimal issues. The Platelet Rich Plasma they injected in to the sockets really boosted the healing process and prevented dry socket. I definitely recommend Dr. Hansen for wisdom tooth removal. – Ethan H.

Everyone is very nice. My surgery was great, very fast and the recovery time went by smoothly. They gave me lots of information on all the things I could expect and how to care for myself post-surgery. – Marialys G.

Dr. Hansen and the staff did a phenomenal job on my oral surgery. They were welcoming, honest, and thoughtful. I even received a call from Dr. Hansen shortly after my surgery to check in and see how I was recovering. I would highly recommend Identity as the place to go for oral surgery.     – Christian N.

Dr. Hansen let me know exactly what the procedure would be and always asked after my comfort. He is very understanding of my being terrified of needles and never made me feel less because of it. His staff is friendly and professional, and I recommend them highly. – Terrie S.

Dr. Hansen was amazing! I would recommend him for all your oral surgery needs! – Taira E.

Dr. Hansen is one of the most personable doctors I have been to. He truly cares about his patients and their well-being. Dr. Hansen has made sure that he and his staff are professional and accurate with the work they perform. I’ve had a few bad experiences in the past when it comes to oral surgery (not performed by him.) With him being aware of these things he has always made sure to make me feel comfortable and educate me on the work he will be doing. If you’re looking for an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who is proficient, takes time, and cares about his patients, then you can count on him. – Sadie G.