You Need to Apply Some Simple Measures After Tooth Extraction

When two or more teeth have been severely compromised by dental trauma or untreated cavities, the only viable treatment might be to extract whatever remains of their roots. A treatment plan like this might also be associated with a severe toothache that leads to the development of a large dental... Read more »

How Do I Care for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are top-notch dental restorations that are reliable and trustworthy, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to care for them. In fact, it’s very important to do all you can to keep your dental implants in the best shape possible. This means you need to clean and care... Read more »

Tobacco Use Can Irritate Healing Gums

Periodontal treatments are often used to alter gum tissues. This can be related to oral surgery, such as bone grafts after bone has been because of gum disease. Afterward you will need to take specific steps to manage discomfort and prevent complications while your gums heal. Here at Identity Oral Surgery... Read more »

Make Your Dream Smile a Reality With Implants

For a patient who has lost one or more permanent teeth, dental implants may be the solution. Dental implants are a popular tooth restoration option because they are permanent and aesthetically appeasing. A dental implant consists of a dental restoration, an abutment and a dental implant post. What Should I... Read more »

Why an Oral Surgeon Should Place Your Dental Implants

Placing dental implants is a type of oral surgery, and the procedure can become complicated at times. While many general dentists offer dental implants, most are not trained in the advanced and specialized techniques that are needed to perform successful oral surgery. Having an actual oral surgeon perform the procedure... Read more »

How Bone Grafts Work

If you are interested in getting a dental implant, you should be aware that some problems can arise that make it nigh impossible to support an implant. One such problem is if the jaw bone is too thin or weak. There is, however, a possible solution for this problem. This... Read more »

Wisdom Tooth Recovery Tips

Are you about to get your wisdom teeth removed? If so, you are about to reach the top-notch oral health you deserve. Little did you know, the recovery after the surgery is just about as important as the surgery itself. This is why your dentist, Dr. Preston Hansen, strongly encourages... Read more »

Tips for Extraction Recovery

A dentist like Dr. Preston Hansen can often extract wisdom teeth in a single outpatient appointment. For some patients, your wisdom teeth treatment may require full sedation to help you remain comfortable throughout the treatment process. This is more likely to be the case if one or more of your... Read more »

Symptoms of Emerging Wisdom Teeth

Have you wondered if you have wisdom teeth? And how will you understand when it's right to extract them? There are some things you can monitor to tell if you have wisdom teeth, but to really recognize them, you should consult a medical professional like Dr. Preston Hansen. Try a... Read more »

Talk to Your Oral Surgeon About Dental Damage Prevention

To keep your smile in premium condition, it is important to understand what risk factors in your day-to-day life can play a key role in shaping your oral health in the future. Even though oral accidents and injuries can occur if you are taking as good as care as possible... Read more »