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We highly encourage our patients who are missing their teeth to seek dental care. Some of the main causes of missing teeth include tooth decay and gum disease. As the gums recede due to gum disease, they can make the teeth vulnerable to bacterial attack from plaque and tartar. If you have lost teeth, you can experience several negative effects that dental implants can improve, such as:

– Reduced chewing ability: When patients have missing teeth, they often struggle to chew food because bites of food can wind up in the tooth gaps and remain unchewed. It’s much harder for your digestive system to process unchewed food, causing you to miss out on nutrients.

– Changes to facial structure: Teeth play a big role in maintaining your facial appearance because they help to support the cheeks and lips. A loss of teeth can cause these areas to sink inward and alter your appearance. By receiving dental implants, you can improve your mouth’s support system and keep the natural look of your face.

– Weakened surrounding teeth: Did you know that missing teeth can actually affect the other teeth in your smile? When a tooth is lost, its function is placed on the other teeth to perform, and this can wear down the remaining teeth faster and cause other forms of damage.

– Lost bone structure: One of the lesser-known functions of teeth is to provide an anchor for the jawbone, and when gum disease results in tooth loss, it can also cause your jawbone to weaken and lose up to a quarter of its structure within the first year. This problem can grow worse as you age if not addressed with a dental restoration method such as dental implants.

– TMJ issues: Missing teeth can also affect your jaw joints because it can cause misalignment in your teeth and cause your jaw joint to compensate for tooth changes. Patients with tooth loss can experience a shifting bite that affects the way their jaws open and close, placing stress on the joints. TMJ disorder may result in jaw pain, headaches, dizziness and other symptoms.

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