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Periodontal treatments are often used to alter gum tissues. This can be related to oral surgery, such as bone grafts after bone has been because of gum disease. Afterward you will need to take specific steps to manage discomfort and prevent complications while your gums heal.

Here at Identity Oral Surgery our dentist, Dr. Preston Hansen will provide you with specific recovery instructions after your treatment. This might also include any necessary prescriptions for anti-inflammatory, pain management or antibiotics medications.

It’s also important to keep in mind that certain lifestyle choices could also complicate the recovery process and lead to infection at the incision site. Drinking from a straw or using tobacco products should be avoided during the recovery period. The suction could potentially pull a blood clot loose, traumatized the healing gums, or lead to a condition known as dry sockets.

The heat, tar and other chemicals introduced into your mouth by smoking or chewing tobacco can easily irritate healing periodontal tissues. If you have a surgical treatment scheduled at Identity Oral Surgery you might want to talk to your primary physician about a tobacco cessation program.

If you are scheduled to have an oral surgery performed at Dr. Hansen’s clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah, and you have a question, you can always call 801-251-7167 to speak to a member of Identity Oral Surgery’s staff.