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Placing dental implants is a type of oral surgery, and the procedure can become complicated at times. While many general dentists offer dental implants, most are not trained in the advanced and specialized techniques that are needed to perform successful oral surgery. Having an actual oral surgeon perform the procedure is a safer option, and here’s why.

Oral surgeons are experts in oral and maxillofacial surgery. This specialized dental field requires that oral surgeons complete four years of dental school plus an additional three to four years of specialized training to become recognized surgical professionals. While general dentists may have had some training with implants during dental school, oral surgeons have invested significantly more time and practice to performing advanced oral surgeries such as dental implants.

Because of the additional experience that oral surgeons receive from hands-on training, they are typically performing dental implant operations on a regular basis. General dentists, on the other hand, may only perform only a few dental implant surgeries each year.

During an implant procedure, it is possible that some unexpected complications may arise. Should this happen during your procedure, it is safer and more comforting knowing that your oral surgeon knows what to do and can provide immediate care. In most cases, a general dentist will have to refer patients to an oral surgeon when a complication arises. You can save yourself an extra visit and the need to postpone your implant procedure by working with an oral surgeon from the beginning.

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