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If you are interested in getting a dental implant, you should be aware that some problems can arise that make it nigh impossible to support an implant. One such problem is if the jaw bone is too thin or weak. There is, however, a possible solution for this problem. This solution is called bone grafting. Grafting can strengthen your jaw bone by spurring growth in it.

The process starts by placing some grafting material directly on bone. Your surgeon can use bone that came from another area of your body, bone from a donor, or a synthetic material for this purpose. The jaw bone consumes the grafting material, absorbing it to cause growth. Collagen and various kinds of proteins are some of the main ingredients that go into this. Once the graft is gone, your jaw bone should be strong enough to hold the implant

Though this procedure involves some oral surgery, you need not be afraid. Our team will use local anesthesia to dull any potential discomfort. If you should ever require a bone graft or any other kind of oral surgery, come see Dr. Preston Hansen and our team of professionals. You can find us at Identity Oral Surgery in Salt Lake City, Utah. To schedule an appointment, you need only call 801-251-7167, so feel free to contact us today!