Dental Implant and
Wisdom Teeth Specialist

"From full implant restoration, to holistic treatment options, we focus on providing patients with health-conscious, long-term care. Many of our patients are above the age of 50 and need particular care when it comes to their dental and oral health. For mindful, conscientious treatment, come to i.dent.ity"

-Dr. Preston Hansen

We offer advanced oral surgical care for the advanced patient. In a calm, clean, and welcoming environment, we concentrate on implants and smile restoration for those over the age of 50. Our skilled oral surgeon, Dr. Preston Hansen, and his team make sure every patient is cared for in a laid-back yet professional manner. We provide the utmost in patience and understanding and will take our time to answer your questions and address your concerns. Our practice also utilizes state-of-the art techniques and equipment in order to make your treatment and recovery as comfortable as possible. Our commitment is to you and your oral health, and we look forward to working with you!

At Identity Oral Surgery, we are dedicated to providing patient and compassionate oral surgical care in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dr. Preston Hansen will carefully explain your procedure to you, and will go above and beyond to soothe any anxiety you may have. We also use the latest technologies to enhance your treatment, including 3D printing for increased implant accuracy, cone beam CT scans, intraoral scanning, and virtual surgical planning.

We help fight the risk for opioid abuse with platelet rich fibrin (PRF)! This advanced technique utilizes the body’s own natural healing powers to speed up recovery, thus minimizing the need for post-surgery prescription pain medication.

Step 1

PRF works by, first, drawing a small amount of blood from your IV and placing it into several tubes.

Step 2

The tubes are then spun in our centrifuge, which helps to naturally concentrate the platelets that are in your blood.

Step 3

Once concentrated, the platelets are taken and placed in your dental implant site or wisdom tooth sockets before your gums are sutured.

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